In just a short time since our humble beginnings in February 2021, Excovision has evolved into a trusted partner for numerous businesses across Australia. Our clientele spans diverse industries, including service providers, trades, and hospitality businesses, all operating nationwide and delivering services across multiple states.

From the outset, Excovision has been committed to creating meaningful value precisely where our clients need it most. Our journey began with a focused approach on the fundamentals, ensuring that businesses are not just well-equipped for the present but strategically positioned for future changes, sustainable growth, and lasting prosperity. Welcome to Excovision, where our story is intertwined with the success stories of the businesses we proudly support.

Managing Director

Jeremy Vigar

Jeremy’s zeal for business is matched only by his passion for process improvement. With a career spanning various management roles, including serving as CFO and Company Secretary for a national service industry giant with 1200+ staff across multiple states, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to the table.

As the COO of a mid-tier Queensland law firm and concurrently the Finance Manager for a construction/trade industry business, Jeremy navigated the intricacies of diverse sectors. His diverse roles, coupled with community engagements, have honed his expertise in Business Structuring, Risk Management, Financial Control, Business Governance, and Compliance. Jeremy’s skills extend to facilitating business mergers, orchestrating ownership changes, implementing process improvements for substantial business growth, and crafting strategic plans for both routine and unexpected challenges, such as navigating the complexities of COVID-19. In Jeremy’s world, success is not just a goal—it’s a tailored solution to your unique challenges.

Jeremy’s personal mission is clear: to extend the value of a seasoned CFO from large enterprises to businesses that may not have the capacity for a full-time role in this domain.

Ken Wilson
We engaged Exco 12 months ago and have enjoyed a fantastic customer experience. Exco have assisted with finance, advisory and complex commercial strategy. I recommend Exco for businesses wanting to maximise efficiency, improved systems and financial architecture; and, strategic advisory - They are a great company to work with.
Working with Excovision was simple, easy and effective. Easy to communicate and organise tasks to be completed and put into a working environment!
Deborah Awyzio
Highly recommend Excovision for all business needs!
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